Thursday, 10 December 2015

Top Tens: Forever Unclean's Top Ten Punk Rock Influences

Like most other people in bands, we’ve listened to loads of different bands and artists for the last 15+ years and naming them all would be ridiculous. Naturally, it’s hard to choose some over the others. However… To make this list, we sat down in our practice-bunker and tried to come up with music acts that we feel have inspired us as the band we are today. 

Saves The Day
Been one of our favourite bands for over 10 years. Chris Conley is an amazing song writer and a huge inspiration for sure. It’s funny how there’s a STD record for every mood, right?

RX Bandits
Not exactly a band we even try to sound anything like. But it’s always healthy to look up to someone who is leagues better than you will ever be. Whether you like the music or not, few can argue that their technicality, dynamics and musicality is anything but outstanding.

A friend from Manchester played one of Arteries records when we toured the UK back in 2012 with our former band and we’ve been constantly listening to all of their albums ever since. They were definitely one of our biggest inspirations sound wise back when we started Forever Unclean, and they still are.

A punk rock band from Italy that don’t like punk rock. Brilliant, right? Other than being a jaw dropping live act, their strict DIY approach to how to be a band is a big influence to us. When it comes to tour booking, record producing, merch pressing, instrument and amp building etc., it’s just easier and cheaper to do it yourself.

Dead Neck
Record one EP and play a gazillion gigs all around the globe. Because why the fuck not? This is the exact opposite approach to playing music than what 95% of all Danish bands do. You are not getting anywhere by sitting around in your practice room waiting for someone to discover you.

Mighty Midgets
These guys are good friends of ours. During the early touring years of one of our older bands, they helped us with shows and taught us how to go about booking tours. Do yourself a favour and check out their album “Raising Ruins For The Future”. It’s some of the best hardcore skate punk to come out of DK.

Hard Girls
We recently discovered this band and fell in love with their sound and songwriting. And they prove it’s still possible to get somewhere with a new band when you are in your 30s

The Bennies
Now, this band has helped bring our mood and energy up countless times while on tour. Whenever we need to get psyched, this is our jam!

Geeks playing gritty poppunk about video games and movies with the sound of Weezer and phenomenal melody lines. Being a bit nerdy ourselves, the way they make fantasy plot lines connect to serious everyday issues has been quite the inspiration to our song writing.

Not On Tour  
The internet is a great thing. Somehow, we stumbled upon this band and they immediately became a regular part of our playlists. Amazing songs! Really short, amazing songs! What’s not to like? These folks know how to perfectly blend hardcore punk and skate punk. After years of listening to their songs, we finally got to see the band perform. It was not a letdown - they killed it!

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