Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Album Review: Party Hardly by Revello

Revello are an acoustic pop punk band from Norwich featuring members of Block Fort, Ducking Punches and Colour Me Wednesday. I had the opportunity to review their new EP Party Hardly, which comes out this month.

The first song on Party Hardly is called Saltwater and musically it instantly reminded me of early Ducking Punches. I love Ducking Punches so this is by no means a bad thing. The acoustic punk sounds accompanied by lead singer Liam's sweet, honest vocals work a treat and have your attention instantly. The same can be said about the second song on the EP - Banjaxed. This song starts with a faster tempo than Saltwater before the vocals begin. Banjaxed is brilliantly catchy and has a really uplifting feel to it. Something that really stood out on the track is the simple use of the piano throughout the song that gives the song a whole new layer. Hedera begins with a slightly darker tone. Musically the song mostly uses the acoustic guitar, stripping everything back so you really focus on the lyrics of the song. The verse builds towards a big chorus where Liam sings about wanting to disappear because he is fed up of fighting the world. Party Hardly concludes with a song titled TLH. After a slow start the tempo is again raised for an honest song about trying to reconnect with friends after acting like an idiot when you were younger. There are moments in the song where Revello really take the shackles off and let everything go before reigning everything back in and using some excellent male/female harmonies.

I had never heard or Revello before this EP but I am now a fan of the band. Party Hardly is a fantastic introduction, the four songs keep to a distinct sound but also manage not to sound the same, which a testament to the fantastic song writing of the band.

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