Monday, 7 December 2015

Album Review: Milk Crimes by Milk Crimes

Milk Crimes are a new three-piece indie punk band from Leeds. Last month they released their self titled debut EP. Here's a review of it.

The first song is called H8RZ. From the start you discover what the Milk Crimes sound is - good time, indie pop punk that really makes you want to dance and sing. The band use male and female vocals throughout the track. The woman takes the first verse, the man the second and they both get involved with the chorus. The second song, Deep Throat, sees the male vocalist take control as he sings over some stop/start musicianship. The lyrics are very bold "It Was Definitely True Love I Felt, When You Placed Your Hands Inside My Belt" and "I Could Send You A Note, Could Learnt To Deep Throat." Lyrics like this really grab the listener’s attention. Heil Satan starts quickly and the vocals are delivered in a more aggressive style than the opening two songs. That is until the chorus which is a simple sing-along of "Real Life Is Bringing Me Down." I enjoyed how the band brought the tempo of the song down for the second half of the song with the female vocalist adding some wonderful harmonies. The penultimate track on the EP is titled I Don't Wanna Be Alone Again. This song is as catchy as the common cold but a thousand times more enjoyable. The jangly indie guitars combined with the simple drum beat add a great backing to the song. This is indie pop at its finest and blows any of the indie music that is currently in the charts out of the water. The final song is Coathangers and it starts slowly with some feedback accompanying some guitars, then when the song starts properly you are treated to some top quality guitar work. The song feels a lot more polished than the rest of the EP and has a great build towards the final section of the song.

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