Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Album Review: Flaked Out by Triple Sundae

Triple Sundae are a five-piece melodic punk band from London and Kent. Recently, after a year of hard work, they released their brand new EP Flaked Out for ’pay what you want‘ on their Bandcamp page. I had a lot of anticipation for the release, this is what I thought.

The first of the three songs on Flaked Out is Everything's Cool. The song starts out with a simple chord progression before some slowly paced vocals. This was quite a surprising way for the song to start but not as much as a surprise as what came next: the tempo of the song picked up and horns were introduced. Horns! On Triple Sundae's Facebook page they describe themselves as a melodic punk band so the horns were quite the surprise. They really took the song up to another level though, a fantastic start. The horn section is used throughout the second song Combust as well. This song has a massive hint of We Are The Union about it. Mixing melodic pop punk music with brilliant brass blasts. There aren't many UK bands playing music like this so it was very refreshing. The final track, Last Time, was the highlight for me. The song starts off with a quick tempo before some fast-paced vocals that really got my feet tapping. There is also a feeling of some angry emotions during the song that give it an extra layer and helps you really connect with the song.

Flaked Out is a fantastic EP from a band that are on the rise. Triple Sundae should be very proud of this excellent release.

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