Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Album Review: Connect With The Couch by The Total Bettys

The Total Bettys are a four piece pop punk band from San Francisco, California. The four of them only started writing songs together this year and in July released their first EP Connect With The Couch. I checked it out.

The opening track on Connect With The Couch is called No Kings. It's a song about meeting that special someone and realising that you don't need anyone else as long as you've got each other. The song starts out slowly and really manages to pull you in, using just some catchy lyrics and a simple guitar rhythm, before the bass and drums kick in and make a fantastic pop punk tune. The second track is called Earthquake. Earthquake is about taking a chance, moving away from home and beginning to wonder if it was a big mistake. The sound of the track really reminds me of Exeter's Muncie Girls, which obviously means that it sounds awesome. The song is brilliantly written and has some really insightful and honest lyrics. The final song on the EP is titled Perfect Little Girl. This is another honest and insightful pop gem. It's about being the only person making any effort in a relationship. I especially enjoyed the lyrics "I Missed Breaking Bad For You But You Watched It On Your Own." This really made me think of a modern day relationship where couples just sit in and watch box sets together, or in this case don't. 

Connect With The Couch is a fun little pop punk EP from an extremely promising new band. If you like your pop punk smart and edgy with a sugary sweet coating then The Total Bettys are a band for you.

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