Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Album Review: I Want More by Greenhorn

I am a massive Less Than Jake fan and adore everything they've ever put out, even In With The Out Crowd. I also love Buddy's side project Coffee Project and Roger's band Rehasher. Rehasher have a brand new album out (review coming soon) and I was searching around the internet for that and I discovered Roger has another band named Greenhorn with Jen Vito from NoMore. Titled I Want More and released on Anchorless Records, I checked it out.

Greenhorns Facebook page describes their sound as pop punk/indie. After listening to the opening track My Own Way it definitely swings much closer the pop punk side of the description. Jen's vocals take the lead on this punchy pop number, managing to perfectly balance a punk attitude with some sugary sweet sounds. As you would expect it's incredibly catchy and the production on the track sounds crystal clear. Roger sings the next song - This Has To Mean Something. Roger places very highly in my list of favourite punk vocalists, he is one of the few singers who can manage to sound as good live as he does on record. Rogers vocal is so recognisable it feels like this track could fit as well on a Less Than Jake record as it does here. I also really enjoyed Jen's harmonise throughout the duration of the song. I Hit The Wall has a darker feeling to it. It's a lot more restrained than the opening two songs and is the first song to really feature Roger and Jen taking turns singing on the song. Their voices work incredibly well together. 

The fourth track Always Be The Same has my favourite intro on the record. Musically it feels like Roger is holding something back, it's nice to hear the more reigned in version of his voice. It's also another superbly catchy song that will have you singing along very quickly. Title track I Want More has an instantly recognisable intro, sounding to my uneducated ears very similar to the song I Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode. This is a great high energy pop punk music perfect for summer road trips. There are plenty of different tempo of changes in the song so it never feels like a pop by numbers song and Jens voice really shines again. Livin' On The Fly is the sixth and final track on the EP and is another where Jen and Roger share vocal duties. I really enjoyed the more ska sounding guitar work when Roger sang and Jen;s poppier punk sound. Both sounds really compliment their voices. I think they really saved the best track for last here as whilst review this I've listened to it about ten times in a row and have smiled during each and every listen.

I'm not really sure whether or not Greenhorn is fun little studio project for Jen and Roger or they are planning make it a bigger thing. Either way this is a very enjoyable release, something 15 year old me would have loved when first listening to pop punk or 29 year old me still loves to this day.

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