Friday, 23 January 2015

Euro Punk (Part 1)

The punk rock scenes in the United Kingdom and the United States get loads of attention, and rightly so, it’s thriving, I can’t recall a time when there was so many amazing bands for people to listen to. Lately I’ve been thinking about the European punk rock scene and wondering how a strong the scene is on the mainland. After a little research I discovered an amazing amount of fantastic European punk rock bands. Here is a selection of them for you to check out.

7 Years Bad Luck (Austria)
7 Years Bad Luck are a melodic pop punk band from Austria similar in sound to No Use For A Name and The Ataris. Late last year they released a new album named Bridges on Disconnect Disconnect Records (Reviewed here). Check out Beggars and Kings and Desert Island.

20belows (Denmark)
The 20belows are a pop punk band from Denmark. Formed in 2001 they are inspired by legendary pop punk bands such as The Ramones, Screeching Weasel and The Queers. In 2014 they released a new EP named Wreckage to add to a already excellent discography. Check out For Better Days and Bottom Of The List.

The 101’s (Holland)
The 101’s are a band from The Netherlands who play melodic punk rock. Last year they released For The Years on White Russian Records, No Panic! Records, No Reason Records and For Us Records. Check out Caught Up and Chances.

Accelerators (Holland)
Accelerators are a pop punk band from Rotterdam who formed in 2003. The influences of The Ramones and the 90’s Lookout Records roster are very clear in their music. They released their last full length album (Fuel For The Fire) in 2012 and have a realease due this year with the legendary Kepi Ghoulie of The Groovie Ghoulies. Check out Ready Set Go and The Ballad Of John Sancho B.

Antillectual (Holland)
Antillectual are socially conscious bands who blend 90’s skate punk with todays “orgcore2 sound. Infleunced by Rise Against, Strike Anywhere and Propaghandi as well as European punk legends Rentokill they have carried the torch for European punk rock since 2005. Check out Soundtrack and Pink Print from the 2013 Perspectives and Objectives.

The Apers (Holland)
The Apers are the kings of European pop punk. Since forming in 1996 they have released six full length albums and a whole host of EPs and split releases. Throughout that time they have played over 1000 shows all over the world. Their newest album Confetti On The Floor was released on Monster Zero records late last year (review here). Check out Almost Summer and Every Day Is A Rock N Roll Day.

Apple Juice (France)
Apple Juice are a female fronted hardcore punk band from France. The music and pretty angry and in your face and bloody brilliant. Last year they released the EP Human Poison on Panda Records. Check out the songs New Start and Dragging Me Down.

Astpai (Austria)
Austria’s Astpai are the leading lights in the European punk rock scene after making a name for themselves all over the world with the passionate melodic punk. Last year they released the excellent Careers (reviewed here) and went on a very successful tour of Europe and the UK with Restorations and The Smith Street Band. Check out the songs Emotion In The Way and Honest Or Sentimental.

Atlas Losing Grip are a melodic crossover punk rock band from Malmo in Sweden who formed in 2005. Expertly combining metal riffs with some fantastic emotional vocals Atlas Losing Grip offer something for everyone. This year they released a brand new album named Currents with new lead singer Niklas Olsson. Check out Different Hearts, Different Minds and Shallow.

Black Volvo (Holland)
Black Volvo are a Dutch three piece punk band who release music on TNS Records in England and Round Dog Records in Scotland. These guys are all about playing as fast and loudly as they can and singing at your top of your lungs. Their album Once We Were All Wolves is best played cranked up to eleven. Listen to Rockers and Wacka Wacka.

Brains All Gone (Poland)
Brains All Gone are a all female punk band from Poland who formed in 2012. Playing a blend of punk rock and pop music these three ladies are already turning head in their homeland and I suspect it won’t be long until they are well known all over Europe. Currently working on their debut album , check out their new single March Of The Youth.

Call It Off (Holland)
Call It Off are a four piece pop punk band from Eindhoven. They are a band who wear their influences on their sleeves, clearly they have a lot of love for the pop punk of the late 90’s and early 00’s such as Green Day, New Found Glory and Allister. In February they have a new album coming out named Lovers & Liars which features songs from their first two EPs. Check out Do It All Again and What She Said.

Cliff Diving (Italy)
Emotional punks Cliff Diving are a three piece band from Italy. On their EP Aporia they showcase some crunching guitars, a pounding drumbeat and a delicate vocal that carries the melody of the song. Check out The Youth Of A Reckless Racoon and The Saddest Summer.

DeeCRACKS (Austria)
DeeCracks are an Austrian pop punk band who formed in 2003 currently signed to Monster Zero Records. During their musical career they have released a couple of full length albums as well as a handful of 7” all of which are full of Ramonescore pop punk gems. Check out Monkey Boy and Turn Up Your Radio.

Despite Everything are a melodic hardcore band from Greece who formed in 2009. Their debut album The Dawn Chorus is one of the best albums in this genre I have heard in a long time, it will get you thinking, banging your head, punching the sky and singing at the top of your voice in equal measure. Check out Ink Scattered and Here Goes Nothing.

Dowzer (Holland)
Dowzer are a pop punk band from Holland. Influenced by the likes of New Found Glory, Descendents and Broadway Calls Dowzer are the perfect choice for some fun summer listening. Something I really enjoyed are the male/female harmonies on many of their super catchy choruses. Check out No Way Out and My Number One.

Germany’s The Evil O’Brians play some fun horror bubblegum pop punk music. Singing songs about zombies, vampires and love whilst being influenced by the Lookout Records era of pop punk bands such as The Mr T Experience, The Groovie Ghoulies and Screeching Weasel. Check out X-Ray Eyes and First Rule On The Beach.

F.O.D. (Belgium)
Belgian skate punks F.O.D. formed in 2008. In 2013 they released their debut album Ontario which featured sixteen songs about life, kids, music and society. Their music features catchy melodies and vocal harmonies very much in the same vein as NOFX, Lagwagon and Bad Religion. Listen to Carry On and Needful Words.

Fightball (Germany)
Fightball are a straight forward punk rock band from Germany with a refreshing sound. The lead singer has one of my favourite voices in punk rock as he belts out anthem after anthem. Fans of the Street Dogs will love Fightball. With a new album due out in 2015 check out Gentrify and Crossroads.

The Hallingtons (Norway)
The Hallingtons are a three piece pop punk band from Oslo, Norway. Inspired by the likes of The Ramones, The Lillingtons and Teenage Bottlerocket; The Hallingtons play three chord pop punk fast and relentlessly. Check out Are You Part Of The Human Race? and Aim For The Stars.

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