Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Album Review: Lost & Found/Wet Feet by Great Cynics

London based three piece Great Cynics are one of the leading lights in the current underground punk scene in the United Kingdom. Combining the best parts of punk, rock, indie and pop Giles, Iona and Bob have created a sound all of their own. This week they released a two song tape on Specialist Subject Records.

The first song on the release is named Lost & Found. This song displays everything I love about Great Cynics, hooked filled verses that build towards a massive sing along chorus. Giles voice carries the melody of the song throughout and Iona adds some excellent harmonies to the chorus. The song is about feeling alone in the world and finding the strength to say yes to things and getting yourself back on track.

Wet Feet is the name of the second song on the release. These song starts off with Giles briefly singing acapella before the instruments kick in. This really caught my attention. This song goes at a slower pace than Lost & Found but is chock full of great hooks and moments to join the band in song. Wet Feet is a bit of a love song where Giles sings about that great feeling you have at the beginning of a relationship, the sort of things like staying up all night talking or laughing but being endeared by stupid things that you do and then things turning slightly darker and releasing how much you miss that person when things go wrong.

This is a brilliant little release by Great Cynics. If this is a bit of taster for what their third album will be like when it’s released then we are in for a treat. Great Cynics are definitely one of the best band this little island of ours has to offer and are definitely deserving of a lot of attention from music lovers everywhere.

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