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Album Review: I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time by Moose Blood

I remember the first time I ever heard Moose Blood. They were support American pop punks Broadway Calls at the Underworld with Gnarwolves and Great Cynics. I knew absolutely nothing about them at the time but was completely blown away by them. They played a great set of emo songs and I can remember thinking this band is going to be huge. I clearly wasn’t alone in that thought as other the next 18 months their popularity grew and grew until the release of their highly anticipated debut album I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time released on No Sleep records. Here is my review of it.

The album opens up with the slow paced Cherry. This is a really interesting way to open an album up and it’s a bit of a masterstroke by the band. Cherry is just singer Eddy Brewerton accompanied only by a guitar. This allows the lyrics of the song to really stand out and show that Moose Blood are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to writing some seriously heartfelt lyrics. The full band do come in on the second track Anyway. This is trademark Moose Blood, jangly emo guitars combined with catchy sing along hooks. This is followed by I Hope You’re Missing Me, a hard hitting more punk rock effort about remembering some great times.

Chin Up shows Brewerton’s voice at its most urgent as he bellows out a brilliantly catchy chorus that is full of feeling. Up next is a rerecording of Boston from the Boston/Orlando split release, a classic emo song about breaking up with a girl. I really love the lyrics in this one, really relatable lines about waiting by the phone and saying goodbye to the ex’s parents. There is also a ode to kings of the emo genre, Brand New with the line “bored with nothing to do, but lay around and listen to Deja Entendu, thinking about you.” Sitting around listening to music whilst thinking about a girl is something I can really relate to recently. Track number six is called Gum. It’s a slow builder with Brewerton tenderly singing the opening verse before the band kicks in and some real passions comes from his voice.

Pups is a more pop punk sounding song, starting off with some drums before being joined by the band. There is a bit of a Tom Delonge feeling to the vocals on this song which builds brilliantly into a huge finale. Swim Down is another slow starter that builds and grows musically and really displays the whole bands skill at their instruments. Up next is the brilliant Bukowski. Not only is this my favourite Moose Blood song but one of my favourites I’ve heard in the past couple of years. As soon as the opening guitar chords a strummed I instantly want to sing along. It’s a song that needs to be played at full volume and sung even louder. I’m not good another at words to really describe how good this song is, go and listen to it.

Kelly Kapowski (named after the Saved By The Bell Character) is a great, fast paced song. It’s about falling in love with a girl from a far. Yet another brilliantly written song that you will be singing instantly, I really enjoyed the break down before the band join in with probably the heaviest sound played throughout the album. The final song on the album is the slow burner I Hope You’re Miserable. It’s a good way to finish the album off, with Brewerton’s passionate and urgent vocals really standing out.

I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time is a very strong debut album from these Canterbury boys. I’ve read in a couple of reviews complaints about Moose Blood sounding too American. But honestly, when they are making music as good as this who really cares?

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