Monday, 25 August 2014

Lyrical Content

I was at a friend’s wedding last night where my good friend The Tom was doing the disco. Obviously he was playing all the family friendly pop hits that everybody loves.  I had a listen to some of the lyrics in the song and many were absolutely stupid. I’m quite convinced anyone who hold a pen or use a keyboard could have written them. That got me thinking about some of my favourite lyrics. I like a lyric that’s smart, relatable or just reminds me of a special time. I decided to share some of my all time favourites with you lovely people.

River Jumpers – Five Doors Down Well It’s Clear My Dear, While You’re Out On The Dance Floor, I’ll Be Five Doors Down Listening To All My Favourite Songs In This Place Where I Belong.”

Chewing On Tinfoil – Forty Shade Of Grey “We Have All Been Down, That’s Just The Way Life Is, We Have All Worn Frowns Instead Of Smiling Kid, We Have All Been Down, But We’ll Get Up Again, Not All Kings Wear Crowns, At Least You Have Your Friends.”

Frank Turner – Four Simple Words “Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho, We’re Heading Out To The Punk Rock Show, Colleagues And Friends Condescend With A Smile, But This Is My Culture Man, This Is My Home.”

Jesse James – Growin’ up “Growing Up’s Just Getting Old.”

Zebrahead – Hell Yeah “Take A Shot To The Chin With A Grin”

ONSIND – Mildred “I Keep Running From The Storm And You Done Your Best, To Regulate And Medicate The Dark Clouds Forming In My Brain.”

Smoke Or Fire – Monsters Among Us “There Are Monsters Among Us, There Are Some You Can’t See, Their Disguised In Their Suits, Nice Shoes And Ties, And They Take Vengeance On Ethics And Honesty.”

Off With Their Heads – Nightlife “Don’t Wanna Be Like This, Anxious And Angry Or Hopeless And Upset All The Time, Unable To Get Back The Feeling I Lost Somewhere Along The Line, I Wear It On My Sleeve And Everyone Sees No Matter How Hard I Try, I’ve Never Felt Worse In My Whole Life.”

The Loved Ones – Player Hater Anthem “Do I Regret I Wasted The Breath It Took To Sing, To I Regret I Ever Admitted To A Little And Bled It All Out On The Page."

The Ergs! – Pray For Rain “I’m Sore From The Smiles That You’ve Given To Me.”

The Have Nots – Proud “If My Dad Could See Me Now, Would He Be Proud? That I’ve Become The Man I Have, That I Don’t Do What’s Just Allowed.”

Rancid – Radio – “When I Got The Music I Got A Place To Go.”

Against Me! – Reinventing Axl Rose “Just Gimme A Scene Where The Music Is Free, And Where Beer Is Not The Life Of The Party.”

Apologies, I Have None – Sat In Vicky Park “A Man Cannot Be Measured By The Number Of People He’s Fucked, The Numbers On A Payslip Are No Indication Of Worth.”

The Smith Street Band – Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams “But Now Isn’t The Time For Back Down, Got Our Feet So Firmly On The Ground, So Call Me What You Will, I Don’t Care, I Know What Happened I Was There, We Know What Happened We Were There,”

The Unseen – Scream Out “Playing Punk Keeps Me Sane, Don’t Need Drugs To Numb The Pain”

Wil Wagner – Songs About Why I Suck – “And I Sing These Songs Out Of Fury And Fear, And I Sing This Songs Because Without Them, I Wouldn’t Be Here.”

Iron Chic –Time Cop “Remember The Pain Of Growing Up, It May Have Hurt But It Sure Was Fun, It Made Us Who We Are Now, It Gave Us A Mystery To Figure Out.”

Bouncing Souls – True Believers “We Live Our Lives In Our Own Way, Never Really Listened To What They Say, The Kind Of Faith That Never Fades Away, We Are The True Believers.”

King Blues – What If Punk Never Happened “There’s A Lesson To Be Learnt, One That I Will Take Home, When I Return To My Normal Reality Zone, Punk Rock Has The Power To Change The World, It Lies If Every Single Punk Rock Boy And Girl, So Don’t Let Anyone Tell You You’re Not Worth The Earth, These Streets Are Your Streets, The Turf Is Your Turf, Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That You’ve Got To Give In, Cos You Can Make A Difference, You Can Change Everything, Just Let Your Dreams Be Your Pilot, Your Imagination Your Fuel, Tear Up The Book And Write Your Own Damn Rules, Use All The Heart, Hope And Soul That You’ve Got, And The Love And The Rage That You Feel In The Gut, Realise That The Other World That You’re Always Looking For, Lies Right Here In Front Of us, Just Outside The Door, And It’s Up To You To Go Out There And Paint The Canvas, After All You Were Put On The Earth To Do This, So Shine Your Light So Bright That All Can See, Take Pride In Being Whoever The Fuck You Want To Be, Throw Your Fist In The Air In Solidarity, And Shout Viva La Punk, Just One Life, Anarchy.”

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